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I was on a coaching call yesterday with one of my Sales Rock Stars in progress. We were debriefing a recent sales call that we had 'rehearsed' and my client (Penny) said something like, "It was magical. It was like you called my prospect and told them how to answer my questions and they bought." Then Penny added, "I don't understand why my company is teaching XYZ Sales Methodology. It doesn't work anywhere nearly as well as what I learn from you."

Now you might be guessing that this is all about how wonderful Rick is. Guess again. It's about Penny and sales training in general and my explanation is all intertwined.

I've met and interacted with a few sales trainers and consultants. Understand that many are pretty sharp rock stars and worthy of my respect and admiration. As a matter of fact, many of them have been mentioned and/or commented on this blog. They are also savvy business people and understand that it's easier to find a 6 or 7 figure budget at a gazillion dollar a year company with 100 salespeople than it is to find a future rock star with a 4 or 5 figure budget.

But, there's something else.

In any sales force (That's right, any!) There are coasters. Salespeople that are doing what they need to do. They're getting by. Making quota. Missing quota. Talking mostly. Doing sometimes. Waiting for retirement. To marry money. To hit the lottery. They're not doing what Lori suggests or what Baseline Selling suggests. Most salespeople are average, mediocre and most sales trainers (and companies) look for marginal improvement of the whole and to get marginal improvement, you train to the masses rather than the rock stars. The very weak won't change and go away. The average improve a little. The rock stars get bored because they got it the first time and are ready to be challenged again.

Not everybody wants to be challenged.

If I may summarize. Penny was thinking it was me or my stuff, but in reality, it's her. She's motivated for more and wants to be challenged.

No CTA, because it makes it more of a challenge.

Oh! Sorry. The title

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