ADHD and Sales Competency Statistics

I have a good relationship with many of my readers and although I don't allow public comments on this blog any more, I get a fair number of private comments via email. If you haven't tried it, all you have to do is reply to the email that notified you of this article and I'll get it.

OK. So, yesterday, I published OMG! You hired this guy? and one of my readers writes, "This link was in your post and I clicked it. It's been in a lot of your posts and emails, and I'm thinking it's important, but I don't know how. I get lost on this page. Is the page important?"

Absolutely! But there are 21 pages and each page has so much information, it's like drinking from a fire hose and even if you don't have ADHD, you'll feel like you do, but if you understand the different sections of the page and how they fit together, you may begin to understand what your salespeople really need.

As short and sweet as possible. Here we go.

First, understand that there are 21 Sales Core Competencies. Each of them has a page. This is the page for Sales Core Competency #5, The Qualifier Competency. There are 20 similar pages for each of the other competencies.

Screenshot 2020-01-28 at 2.20.58 PM

It's easier if I start on the right side of the page. If you click on the video, Dave will share a few thoughts about qualifying. "10 Competency Components" below the video indicates that there are 10 components to the qualifier competency like meeting with the decision maker, uncovering the budget, and able to stay in the moment. 

Now, to the bar chart on left side of the page. OMG has evaluated nearly 2 million salespeople. Their evaluations showed that they had and average of 52% (5.2) of the 10 components of the qualifier competency. The evaluations of the top 10% of those 2 million salespeople showed that they possessed 74% (7.4) of the 10 components and the bottom 10% of the salespeople possesses 33% of the components. If you hover over the pie chart (on the stats page, not this screenshot) you'll see that 25% (green) of all salespeople are strong qualifiers, 56% (yellow) are marginal qualifiers and 19% (red) are weak qualifiers.

You'll see some interesting data just scrolling through the pages looking at the pie charts and bar graphs. Like:

  • 88% of all salespeople have a strong desire for success.
  • 86% of all salespeople have non-supportive beliefs.
  • Only 3% of all salespeople are strong closers.

Here's where it can get fun (and useful). If you click the "Add Industry" tab at the top of the page and select your industry (I find select by key word to be easier.), the "your industry" charts will populate and you'll be able to see whether salespeople in your tend to be better or worse off than the rest of the world.

Finally, if you click "Free Assessment" or "Include your salespeople for free", you'll be led through the process of allowing your salespeople to answer the survey questions that will determine which competencies they've mastered and which need work. When they've completed the surveys, the graphs for your company will populate and you'll be able to compare your salespeople to the rest of the world as well as other salespeople in your industry.

If your salespeople are better than the top 10% in each of the competencies, then you're probably in pretty good shape. If they score below average in any of the competencies, you know where they need help. Call me. Call somebody else. Do it yourself.

Hopefully that helps.

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