Anniversary Lesson

This should be short.

15 years ago today, March 18th, 2006 I published my first article to my blog, First………..What is a RainMaker?

Since then, I've written thousands of articles to that blog, this blog, my LinkedIn profile and lots of guest posts on other sites.

I'm not a writer. Have no intention of writing a book and my articles aren't long. They average about 300 words each, but think about this. 2,000+ articles x 300 words each = 600,000 words. According to Google, the average book has 90,000 words. So, I've written the equivalent of over 6 books. Go figure.

So, what?

At some point, everybody who has paid me a fee has read at least one of my articles.

Some of them read articles to learn about me before we met and decided to talk.

Some of them read articles while we were in our sales process to see if what I write synced with my reality.

Some of them read articles that I share with them to give examples or further explain a lesson from that day's coaching.

So what?

So, I'm not a great writer, but I write about real life. I could actually start most articles with, "Guess what happened today..." Sales struggles, obstacles, tactics, role plays, etc. Literally, whatever happened that day. So when a salesperson reads, they learn how I think and if they like the way I think, we connect.

Now the truth is that you don't need thousands of articles, but ask yourself...

  • If someone wants to know how I think before we meet, can they?
  • If someone wants to verify that the person they're talking to is the real me, can they?
  • Do I have an article that sums up how I have helped people in the past?
Maybe you should start today? You don't actually need a blog. Add an article to your LinkedIn profile.

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