Are you a lighthouse or a tugboat

I was on a coaching call with a client while they were waiting for a flight. The call was short, but long enough for them to share a brilliant analogy with me. So, I will share it with you.

How many calls do you have to make before you find a prospect to talk to?

How many conversations do you have to have with a prospect before they buy?

How many conversations do you have to have with influencers before they introduce you to the decision maker?

How often do you get stood up?

How many calls does it take to get a meeting rescheduled?

How many revisions do you do on proposals?

How frustrated do you get when you're trying to force a square prospect into a round hole?

How many objections do they raise that you have to handle?

Think about it. You waste more time than you don't.

My client likened all these touches, work-arounds and redirecting nudges that salespeople have to do to all the bumps and pushes that a tugboat does when they're moving a boat or barge from one point to another. Long push from the rear, scoot up front to steer away from an obstacle.

Here's the brilliance. They said, "I'm out there pushing, nudging, grunting and doing all the work for my prospects just like a little tugboat. Meanwhile, you're a lighthouse, shining bright, steering people away from the rocks and attracting them to you. If they try to ignore you, they end up on the rocks. So, you only get the winners. I want to be a lighthouse!"

As you now know, they are a winner.

Wanna be attracted to success and stay off the rocks? Do this before Thanksgiving.

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