Are your salespeople frauds?

Maybe frauds is too strong. How about do they pretend or fake with prospects?

I can hear Carole's brain turning now with a dating analogy about 'faking it'.

OK. Back to business. I just read Ali Powell's article about email subject lines and I came up with a few of my own.

"Your article on rocket science made me feel like we should have a conversation about sales coaching."

"I saw your comment about the best way to generate leads and wondered if you had a pool."

"Congratulations on your promotion. I know that you don't know me, but my opinion matters."

"Noticed that you're a Red Sox fan. Me too! Can we talk about CRM software?"

Yeah. Yeah. I know. You hate the Red Sox. You're a Yankee fan. So, this whole article is irrelevant.

Just like which team you root for has no bearing on the relevance of this article, the steps that your salespeople take may be disconnected and have no relevance to the salesperson's actual intent. As a matter of fact, the salesperson's intent is often just to trick the prospect into engaging so that the salesperson can quickly turn the conversation to their product. The salesperson truly has no interest in the person. Only the prospect. Have you read the study: 3 of 4 Sales Reps Have No Idea What They're Doing? Forget closing. Salespeople aren't even getting prospects engaged because prospects know that they're faking it. Prospects know that as soon as they engage with the salesperson, it will be pitch time, tactic time and trick time. So, they don't and the salesperson thinks, "These leads suck."

I'm not pointing figures. I'm just asking. If you think that your salespeople could use more email conversations that lead to sales, let me make three suggestions.

  1. Have them each download, read and discuss with your entire team the Road Map to Unbound Growth.
  2. Have them each download, read and discuss with your entire team the Inbound Way to Use LinkedIn.
  3. You check out our 30 Day Jumpstart. What would happen if every one of your salespeople had twice as many sales meetings in April?

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