Are your assumptions killing your business?

Actually, my client really asked, "Are you making assumptions that cost you money?" But isn't it more than money? Have you ever lost a client that you thought was happy? Have you ever lost a deal because you assumed that when they said that 'money was no object' they meant that they had enough and the authority to spend it? Have you ever decided to pitch someone and after hours, days or weeks, they tell you that their boss's, boss's, boss's boss has a friend that's gonna get the business?

Have your assumptions hurt your reputation, your time off or your family, in addition to your wallet?

In this case, the prospect had asked my client to "do his Facebook ads, but his new website doesn't actually talk about the product that he wants to sell on Facebook". When she realized that, she wondered how upset the prospect would have been to have traffic from Facebook (that he paid for) land on a website that couldn't help them.

Probably upset enough to hurt my client's reputation with her client and with everybody else that saw that she did the ads.

If you have a college degree, MBA, PhD....

If you are a millionaire, or multi millionaire....

If you're a millennial, Gen X, Gen Y, been working for 30 years, or are a senior citizen....

If you are a sales manager that teaches your salespeople regularly...

You have the right to use it to ask good questions, but you are throwing away all that good if you assume that you know the answer and don't ask the question(s).

Where would you and your team rank here?

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