Big Bang Sales Sarcasm

If you're a fan of the Big Bang Theory, you probably know that Sheldon doesn't get things like sarcasm, but he's trying to learn. Here's one definition of sarcasm from

"A form of irony in which apparent praise conceals another, scornful meaning."

Here's the story.

So, tonight, I'm out on the deck grilling up dinner and I get a call. "Hi. Rick. This is Jay. We're connected on LinkedIn and I thought that I'd give you a call. I have a product...."

I interrupted with, "Well. You wasted a quarter." and hung up. There was a Maine number on my caller ID.

A minute later, my phone rang again. Guess who? "Hi Rick, we're connected on LinkedIn and we were talking and..." I interrupted, "and I hung up on you. If you want to talk to me, send me an email." He replied, "We're all set."

Then he texted me. "absolutely INCREDIBLE. I called to hire you! Holy Shut! " (His spelling, not mine.)

So, before I wrote this post, I checked my contacts to see if the number was there.    No.

Then, I checked linkedIn to find that I'm connected to 8 Jays or Jasons, but none of them are in Maine and all of them are in my contacts.

Then, I noticed that a "Jay" had looked at my profile today and he was from Maine, but he wasn't a connection. So, I couldn't be sure that it was the right "Jay".

Then, I Googled the phone number and it led to a Google+ profile, that had a link to a url without a website, which was the company that was on the LinkedIn profile of the guy that had looked at mine today.

So, here's my analysis.

He didn't expect me to answer the phone at 6:21 at night and he got flustered. He forgot that he desperately wanted to hire me and used his cold call script instead. I erroneously thought he was using a bad cold call script on me because he wanted to sell me something rather than hire me. He 'forgot' that we're not connected on LinkedIn. So, that wasn't a lie. I didn't know that he only had one name like, Madonna, Cher, Seal and Usher. I didn't realize that he was that famous and that he didn't have to use his last name when he introduced himself. All my fault. Bad Rick!

Now, as Sheldon would say, "You may want to re-read the definition before the story."

BTW, you may be wondering why I didn't share his contact info. Maybe as I'm getting older, I'm mellowing?

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