Buyers Can Learn From 'Hank the Tank'

HankTankHave you been watching the news? Apparently, 'Hank the Tank' has been causing quite a ruckus in the Tahoe area.

He's been at this for 7 months and the locals are weighing the options.

Relocate Hank to the wilderness where he'll probably die of starvation because he forgot how to hunt.

Let him continue scaring the residents when he breaks into their homes.

One woman who was mauled by a bear suggests euthanasia.

One woman who was not mauled is against euthanasia suggesting that we taught Hank to be the way he is.

It is quite controversial and complicated and we will not solve it here. However, we can learn from it.

Stop teaching bad behavior. A client, who visits Tahoe frequently told me that some locals suggest that when a bear approaches, make loud noises and throw rocks at it to try to scare it away and if a bear comes back three times, euthanasia.

OMG! What if we could do that with crappy salespeople? Pushy, self absorbed, inattentive, over-promising pitchmen, who are always closing and never around when you're dissatisfied with their under-delivery? We could make loud noises and throw rocks at them to scare them away and if they come back 3 times...

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