Can AI Do Your Job?

I was listening to the radio last week and heard an author talking about his book. He believes that one third of the jobs being done by humans today will be done by machines in 2030.

Today, I found myself humming "In the Year 2525, If man is still alive If woman can survive They may find-"

If you read the lyrics, you'll see that in 1969, Zager and Evans were predicting machines taking over for the brains and bodies of people and god being disappointed.

Last year I wrote AI in Marketing, Sales & ServiceAI is all around us. I buy stuff on Amazon and I abuse crappy telemarketers, spammers and bad salespeople that approach me using 20th century tactics. If you want to sell me something, act differently than AI.

Different how? Offer more than choices. Don't try to trick me. Understand me, my world, my situation. Don't assume that when I ask a question or answer one of yours, I want you to pitch me. AI suggests, "Customers that bought what you bought also bought _____." Don't do that. That's how Willy Loman cross sold in the 1940's.

If you're starting to feel like Willy Loman... like Artificial Intelligence is after your job, remember that your intelligence is real and use it.

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