Can customers do your job better than you?

Short answer?

Only if you let them.

Two stories from today.

Today, Twitter sent me this notification.

Screenshot 2020-07-08 at 9.05.14 PM

To which I replied "Sometimes?" which Pete 'liked'.

Earlier in the day, I met someone on LinkedIn who was steered in my directions by an evangelist. They wrote:

Screenshot 2020-07-08 at 9.07.56 PM

So, what does impostor syndrome have to do with customers being able to explain it better than you?

Two examples:

This is the entire string on Twitter. Pay attention to Weidert. Pete didn't need to add anything.

When Pete and Jeetu were done. There was nothing for me to add.

So, if you work hard for your customers, they will say nice things and work hard for you. They'll also want to help others by sharing what you've done for them. They'll give real life examples. They'll be passionate and evangelistic. The impostor feeling comes from the sales side of us. If we believe that we need to convince, persuade, or trick people into buying it's usually because we're not totally sure that we can solve their problem.

I don't want to wrap this up with a bow, but I want to give you something to think about. Are you asking your customers why they're your customers? Are you listening? Are they saying it better than you? Are you letting them?

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