Can You? vs. Should You?

I typically ask prospective clients what they are trying to accomplish. I get all kinds of answers. Vague references ranging from an altruistic goal to world domination, paying off debt, providing for their family. Some show me their business plan that shows strong growth and scalability. How do we know if it's THE goal? How do we know if it's worth working for? How do we know when, how to start?

This article has 4 examples of goals. Notice the differences in reach, size, detail, and realistic-ness. Re-read the example that starts "I've told this story before." Compare that to this story. A few years ago, I had someone ask, "Am I being realistic? Can I grow to $1,000,000 in 12 months?" Think about that. Two founders. Same industry. One after $1,000,000 a year asking if he can? The other asking how to get to $250K. Doing it. Then asking "What would it take...?" Which one do you think is out of business?

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