Celine Dion on Sales

Elaine has never missed an episode of American Idol, Dancing with the Stars or the Voice. We have our DVR set to record every episode automatically. I'm not a big fan, but I'm typically in the room with her with my laptop on my lap and my ears on the show.

Celine Dion was a guest coach on a recent Voice episode and told the contestant, "You don't have to be great all the time. You have to be great at the right time."

Think about that. Doesn't it apply to your sales world?

What's the fun part of your job? Practicing, the actual process of selling or payday?

Where do you spend more time? Practicing, the actual process of selling or payday?

Is the person that practices different than the person on a sales call or the person that or the person that spends your pay check?

Would your prospect like the person that practices or the person that spends your pay check?

Would your spouse, parents, children or friends like the person that practices or does the actual process of selling?

Do people tolerate you only because they want something from you?

Don Battis wrote this 5 years ago. Do you believe it?

Do you realize that as you read this, somebody is looking to buy your solution?

When a salesperson calls me and says, "I'd like to learn about your coaching." We talk and I ask questions to see if the person that sells, the person that buys is the same person that I would invite to my house at the beach.

If they see it's a problem, they hire us or do #5. If they don't, they move on. Either way, I'm good.


  • if a client was watching, they'd think, "That's my coach."
  • if my wife was watching, she'd think, "Just Rick."
  • if Mark or Matt were watching, they'd think "Same old Dad."
  • if Kai, Zane or Beau were watching, they'd see PaPa.

Same guy shows up every time. I don't have to pretend to be somebody else.

This is how we work.

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