Client Loyalty

Yesterday, I sent this email to a client.

This might be something that will help.

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My client asked, "Do they think the same way you do?"
I replied, "... they, Dave and I each get it done and can give you a different perspective."
My client asked, "Do you want me to go and see how bad they are so I can feel lucky to know you?"
The fact is that I've known Dave Kurlan for 45 years in a variety of roles. Before either of us had kids, blogs or a lot of other stuff. When Dave started his sales training company, I was one of his first clients. I was a sales junkie. He wasn't god, but sales was changing and he was helping and I liked it. He's the guy that introduced me to David Sandler, Tony Robbins and a few others. I introduced him to Trish Bertuzzi, Brian Halligan and a few others.
Dave's a smart guy and surrounds himself with other smart people and I believe that knowing him makes me better at what I do. So, why wouldn't I want that for a client that I want to succeed? If you peel away the personality of the presenter, you get to see the 'stuff' and isn't the stuff what you really want?
If you want to be great at sales, management, coaching and/or any other part of life, you need more than one perspective.
At least, that's been my experience.
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