Close the year STRONG!

Is your year in and you're sandbagging for next year? I'm not talking to you. Do you need 1 or 2 or 5 more sales to finish 2014 as your best year ever? Here's three things that you can do right now.

How many leads did you receive this year? How many bought? Send all the customers that bought an email that reads something like....


Two things: I'm closing out the year and wanted to share holiday greetings and ask, do you have a success story that you'd like to share for my 2014 Customer Memories Book? Customer successes come in all shapes and sizes and yours may inspire someone else's success.

Second, it's not unusual for us to brag about new things that have helped us get where we are. Do you remember which of your friends you've told about us? Do you think that they'd like to take advantage of our Holiday Trial?

Let me know!

Send all the customers that didn't buy an email that reads something like....

Hi, I'm closing out the year and archiving files. It looks like we spoke earlier this year, but I wasn't able to work with you. Was it me? What was my sticking point? If you'd take a second to reply, I can fill in the form and close the file.

Thanks in advance and have a happy 2015.

Note: If you got 1,000 - 2,000 leads, and closed 100 - 200 sales, send the emails, but if you have only 100 - 200 people that didn't buy from you, call them. You'll have more and better conversations. Understand that you're not trying to get into a hard core sales process with these people. The first email is looking for someone that got 'bragged to' by a happy customer. They're pre-sold. Relax. Enjoy. The second email will cull out the prospects that realize that they should have bought the first time and are just waiting for you to make it easy for them by starting the conversation.

The second email may also get you some objections that you couldn't handle back then. That's the third thing. Use this form to send the objection to me and I'll answer it live on December 9th. We'll get it closed!

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