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Last Friday, I sent this email to a group that I'm coaching.

I realize that you're wrapping up your week.

Would you give me a quick, one line answer? Have you gotten anything actionable out of our coaching calls this week? If so, what? Also, if you're disappointed, or tried something and it didn't work, that would be usable, too. Any comment will be appreciated.

Short, 10 - 30 words responses would be great! I'm going to publish them in a blog post this weekend and attribute them to your first name. Please also tell me whether you'd like me to link to your LinkedIn profile.

Thank you in advance.

These ar the responses that I received.

Conor replied:

I used question 1 of the 3 closing questions. He answered what would have been the answer to my second question.

I asked if he wanted my help and positioned the payment link. Post Demo call scheduled for Monday.

Also “Quick question” was a great email subject. I had 8 emails in my inbox and I went to yours first

Colm replied:

I've found it really insightful and I'm learning how to be more methodical and paced in the conversations I'm having.

Sharen replied:

Can I ask you a question? (She's referring to asking permission to ask a question.)

Its psychologically hard to evaluate 3 options at the same time, so lets take my solution out of the equation.

Sam replied:

You have a great way of putting yourself (and us) on the same side of the table as the prospect, and that 'psychological shift' is something I can definitely work on.

They're all co-workers and they're participating in this program. Do you have any friends? Do you want to reserve a table?

party of 4 for the Coach's table


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