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As you may know, Carole and I talk to our clients several times every week. We help with inquiries, emails, followup on forms, prospecting, sales and closing conversations, getting referrals and lately, we've been helping our clients help their clients do the same.

This week, Sarah McIntyre, forwarded an email exchange to us for our input. I asked a clarification question, then replied all with what I would do. Carole replied all with, "I'd only add...." To which Sarah replied all, "note to self... always wait for Carole's reply before shooting off emails.."

Does anybody else think that girls are yucky?

I got to watch Heather and Michael Hurczyn interview a government purchasing agent about his likes and dislikes with vendors' websites. Watch their blog for the results of the interview.

***Hot off the press***

As I'm writing this, I got this email. Obviously, James is looking for exposure. There you go, James. Now I'll go mark this as spam.



I also got another email this week. The subject line was, "I rave about you...all the way to Norway!" As it turns out, it's a Hubspot Channel Manager that has a VAR that is generating leads for their client, but wants our help to help their client convert those nurtured leads to paying clients and referring evangelists.

I love referrals!

Finally, my calendar is available on line. People schedule calls with me without asking me first. No problem. This week, I got notified that "Paul" scheduled a call with me. His agenda was that he's made $250K/year as an employee salesperson, but feels like he could do more and isn't getting it from his sales manager. Cool. My kind of guy. I asked him how he found me and he replied, "Googled "how to find a good sales coach" and there was an article about you and how you've helped a bunch of folks at Hubspot."

I love Inbound! (and Pete Caputa, Jeetu Mahtani and Dan Lyons!)


No call to action. If anything resonated, and we haven't spoken, use the link above to schedule a call. If we have spoken, feel free to share this article with your social networks or with someone you love!



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