Do you believe in God?

Have you ever asked a prospect that question?

When a prospect is confrontational, disrespectful, rude or otherwise resistant to an open dialogue, try this.

"Mr. Prospect, can I ask you kind of a weird question?"


"Do you believe in God or fate or some higher being that kind of knows more than we do?"


"I do and I believe that sometimes that higher being makes stuff happen for our own good. Sometimes, through no fault of our own, stuff happens that starts us off on the wrong foot and it sours our relationship before we even get to know each other. I think that may have happened here. Usually by now, our walls are down, we're kind of relaxed and we're communicating freely. I'm not feeling it. Here's my suggestion. If you can forget that it happened and stop treating me like I'm a jerk, we can talk about you, your needs, our capabilities and determine whether or not it's a fit. If you can't forget it and treat me like we're both on the same side, let's save ourselves a lot of grief and aggravation and go our separate ways. OK?"


"Which is it?"

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