Do your salespeople lose before they say "Hello"?

Sales Managers, do you know why your salespeople are losing control of the process even before they say, "Hello"?

Yesterday, I read an article that was "liked" by someone that I know. The author claimed to know how sales has changed and what the reader needed to do about it. It was a regurgitation of what most in the industry believe is common knowledge. So, I clicked on the authors LinkedIn profile. Graduated from college in 2012 and has had a couple of dozen jobs totaling 39 years of employment. I think this is amazing since it's took me 39 years to have 39 years of employment. He's also pretty wonderful. Just read something that he's written and he'll tell you. Based on what I read, I can't say that I'm positively predisposed to listen to him.

Yesterday, I also read an article on sales differentiation that suggested that Alexandria Ocasio Cortez did a good job differentiating herself, but failed at delivery. I'm not here to discuss whether the author is right on both counts, one or none, but he got a few comments. Many people, including myself, have never spoken to Alexandria and many had to choose to vote between her and whoever she ran against without ever speaking with her directly. Do they vote because she's a women? Because she's Hispanic? Young? Do they vote based on what she says? On what her opponent says? Who knows? She won the election.

We are all surround and bombarded with the rich holding down the poor, the lazy living off the government, blah, blah, blah.

So, with all that as a backdrop, 'experts' accomplishing 39 years in 7 and political agendae being thrown at us 24/7, how can a sales manager be sure that his rep isn't dead in the water before he says, 'Hello'?

So,what is your prospect's pre-disposition to your rep's call?

Can it be improved and how?

It's on my mind almost every day and I love talking about it. If you'd like to talk with me about it, book a call (no charge - just click pre-paid on the booking form.)

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