Does Your Blog Suck?

This is gonna upset a lot of people.

I got six blog articles about sales in my inbox this morning. I read one of them.

I have a suggestion to all you sales bloggers out there.

If you haven't tried to sell something in the past day, shut the hell up.

You don't know what you're talking about.

I don't care that you have a degree in English or Journalism. I don't care if you read a book about sales once. You don't know what you're talking about and when people read your drivel, you hurt them.

Here's an article on brain surgery. Go ahead. Read it, but I'm not letting you near me. Did you notice that it wasn't written by a brain surgeon? The scary thing is that it ranked first out of over 42 million results. Why?


Remember how you learned to ride a bike, hammer a nail and mow the lawn? Somebody probably showed you and may have held the seat of the bike, or wrapped their hand around yours to hammer the nail. You can't learn how to sell by reading a staff writer.

BTW, why do I subscribe? Because occasionally they have guest articles written by people that have sold something in the past week or they interview somebody that has.

End of rant. Happy New Year!

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