Donald Trump vs. Paul Ryan

What a year...

Back in August, USA Today reported, Poll: Clinton, Trump most unfavorable candidates ever.

They both have baggage. They both claim to have done some good things. This isn't about the candidates against each other. It's about the Republicans.

A few days ago, the New Yorker wrote PAUL RYAN’S STRUGGLE WITH TRUMP—AND TRUMP’S VOTERS.

Remember the first two debates when the candidates were asked whether they would support the eventual nominee of the Republican Party? Remember that they all, when pressured, said that they would. Including Trump?

I'm not a politico, and when this all started, I looked at the Republican candidates and said that there were at least 4 that I would vote for before Trump. Regardless of what I thought, Trump won the nomination. Shouldn't he expect that the mainstream, good old boy members of the Republican party support him even with all the mudslinging? If his language or manners aren't identical to theirs, does that justify them going against the wishes of the delegates that put him there?

Please don't misunderstand. This is not political, but this is probably why so many people distrust politicians. They say what they need to say and when it becomes uncomfortable to do what they promised, they withdraw support. I've heard that if Trump is not elected, the balance in Congress will probably change. If it does, doesn't the Republican Party deserve it?

So, what's the sales lesson here?

Can you identify with Paul Ryan or Donald Trump?

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