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This is the unedited exchange between Chris Queen at Brand Builder Solutions and Max Seller, a visitor to the Brand Builder website. Notice that there are 20 back and forths in 19 minutes.Notice that the entire exchange used 374 words (less than 19 words per chat). Notice also that there is a 5 hour time difference between Chris and Maurice.

Here's the transcript of the conversation between Max Seller (his company) and Chris (Brand Builder Solutions).

Chat started: June 23, 2017
Timezone: America/New_York

Max Seller 12:01 PM
Quick question, we have a lot of demo video tutorials as part of our online support...do you provide a template for listing videos?
Chris 12:02 PM

What template pack are thinking about using?

Max Seller 12:03 PM
Optimize or Briefcase
Chris 12:04 PM

Are you looking to just get a page or a full pack?

Max Seller 12:04 PM
Full pack...
Chris 12:06 PM

So neither of those pages has a video listing by default, but when you purchase a full pack from us you get three things. 1) is we set the pack up with your colors and branding for you. 2) we do training on how to use the pack and get your pack set up. 3) we do an hour of custom development

We can use your hour of dev to customize a page from either pack to hold your videos

Max Seller 12:06 PM
I see.
Chris 12:07 PM

The Bustle pack also has 2 video galleries in the pack

Max Seller 12:08 PM
What's your lead time like?
Chris 12:10 PM

The pack set up can be done in 1-2 business days and the custom page would be done within 4 business days from purchase of the template

Max Seller 12:11 PM
So, we provide you with our company palette and logos and you create the base style/layouts?
Where are you based by the way (East Coast?)
Chris 12:12 PM

Yes. We modify the stylesheet that comes with the pack using your colors and then that is applied throughout the pack

We are on the East Coast in Newark, DE

Max Seller 12:13 PM
We are the other side of the pond in Dublin, Ireland (just thinking of time differences)
Chris 12:13 PM

I believe we're 5-6 hours behind you

Max Seller 12:14 PM
So, once we are up and running are you then out of the loop?
Chris 12:14 PM

I've done set ups for people in the UK and Finland before and it doesn't slow down the process too much

No, you can come back to us for support on the pack and any future help you might need

Max Seller 12:16 PM
Do you also provide guidance on best practices for content? For instance on the Home Page you would advice the type of content (not the actual content of course)
Chris 12:18 PM

We can help you out with placing content relative to your buyer's journey

Max Seller 12:19 PM
Thanks for you Chris, I'll be back in touch...
Thanks for your help
Chris 12:20 PM

You're welcome. You can come through this chat again or reach me direct at chris.q@brandbuildersolutions.com

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