Email from a friend...(unedited)

Here's one for you that just happened to me and thought you could use?
The short story:
  • I built a 12 X 12 shed about 7 years ago.
  • The shed's not big enough with all the bikes for the 6 of us and the rider tractor and snowblower (whatever that's used for).
  • I built another 10 X 10 shed and attached it to  the original with a 1 pitch shed roof and rolled roofing overlapped 18" and tarred.
  • Leaked like a sieve.
  • I then shingled over with architectural grade  guessed it, still leaking.
The Sales Store:
I called 4 places last Monday to give me estimates on fixing the roof.
  1. One was going to look at it today; now in the pouring rain. I cancelled them on Saturday. They kept bugging me, not good.
  2. One was going to come late Saturday. I cancelled them Friday evening after #4 came Friday night.
  3. One didn't read the text message and wanted to shingle the wrong roof. Thanks, we're "all set".
  4. One came around 5 PM the day I called after completing a big job in Lincoln. Gave a quote I could live with and would do the job after we both got back from the Cape. They stopped by Friday night stating they didn't need to go through the expense we agreed to and had a better idea to save us money and make it lasting. They  came the next day precisely at 8:00 when they said they would.
The mess that could have prevented a roof job:
  • They couldn't understand why it leaked as I did an overkill job.
  • In pulling apart my mess they discovered the original shingles were placed on it incorrectly by Adam and Sharon.
  • That was on me as their supervisor. I either didn't  explain properly how to overlap the seams, show them or supervise properly and probably all the above.
  • Had I known to check the original shed roof initially, I would have seen the problem maybe, but at that point; we still needed a new roofing underlayment and raised pitch for better water runoff?
Moral of the story:
  • Work with someone that wants to work.
  • Work with someone that listens to what the customer wants. People buy for their reasons.
  • Work with someone that gives options.
  • Work with someone that gives fair (not cheap) pricing. I did the math; profit built in for them and reasonable to me.
  • They did a great  job as I was watching all day and I became the clean-up crew and runner getting 6 more bundles of shingles for the original shed to cover the seams.
  • Work with someone that wants future business and referrals (maybe not a thing, but to me it is my already sold inbound stuff).
Use it if you can?

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