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Do you use Google? Microsoft? Apple? iPhone? Android? Desktop? Laptop? Tablet? Car? Airline? Gym? How do you pick your tools?


I'll avoid shameless plugs in this post, but this started last week when Benjamin revisited my website. I sent him a personalized email. Then realized that I should send a similar email to the rest of my subscribers. This is what I sent. The subject line read, "Benjamin".


Everybody got it. One person marked it as spam.


But look at this.




80% of the people that opened the email read it. I'm good with that, but I got one response that I'll share anonymously that is the reason for this post.

"I don't use any of the products you asked about.  I have never been able to get my bosses on board. In spite of it we have built a decent inbound marketing operation but it could be stronger."

OK. I'll finish this post tomorrow. I see at least 5 different topics. How many do you see? Which one would you like addressed first?

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