Focused, Holistic or Magical?

How do you find new customers? Is your approach focused, holistic or magical?

Yesterday I read Corey Eridon's The Definitive Guide to Awkward LinkedIn Networking.

I also read Pete Caputa's Proactive Prospecting + Inbound Marketing = New Business Success.

Do you have any thoughts on those articles? Did you comment? Did you share them with your network(s)?

I can't share specifics, but yesterday somebody watched me have a conversation that ended unexpectedly well with unasked for referrals. When it was over, I asked the somebody what he thought of the process and the result. He replied, "I think it's great Rick. It's a little magical almost."

That's it. No thought leadership today. What do you think? Who will you lead?

One more thing....

How much did you sell to referrals in July?

How many referrals did you receive in July?

What should your answers have been?

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