Forget politics - Where is your Equilibrium

For me, 'disruption' officially started on March 13th, the day that the 'national emergency' was declared in the US. Elaine and I had flights booked for March 15th. So, we were watching the news and trying to figure out whether we should cancel our trip. Our lives didn't change before the 13th. So, it was business as usual, but

Friday, the 13th, if you're superstitious, we had an officially declared national emergency and everyone needed to decide whether they would

This is what happens if equilibrium becomes widespread.

I know. That's terrible, but it shows that sometimes little changes have major consequences.

So, you may have been coming to the office every day at 9. Getting coffee. Talking with your coworkers about last night. Checking your calendar. Get on a dozen calls. 2 demos. Close a sale. Wrap things up. Head to the gym. Head home. Same thing tomorrow.

How many of those things don't happen? How many happen differently? More calls? Less calls? Different calls? What did your metrics used to be? What are they now? Which do you anticipate tomorrow?

It's been six months. Can you achieve a new equilibrium? Do you know where to start?

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