How to get fired the hard way

This story actually starts on 7/8/2013 when Jerome visited my friend's website. On 9/15/2014, my friend, who owns a marketing agency and is a Hubspot Partner was notified that Jerome had filled out a form and became a lead. They spoke and on 10/25/2014 they decided that there was no fit.

On 2/12/2015, Carole Mahoney gave my friend a new telephone script to rejuvenate dead leads and on 3/3/2015, Jerome became a $9,000/month client for my friend. On 8/31/2015, Jerome registered to attend the Unbound Growth live webinar titled Convert More Leads to Customers. We followed up with Jerome, he never responded to us. On 12/22/2015, my friend sent a mutual email to introduce Jerome to me and Carole to talk about using UnboundGrowth to help him convert more leads. Jerome never talked to us.

Meanwhile, Jerome was still struggling to convert leads and my friend was trying to help him within the scope of his $9,000/month retainer. My friend shared some emails with us asking how to advise Jerome to close specific leads. Finally, last month Jerome told my friend that it wasn't working. He was getting visitors and leads but they weren't buying and becoming customers and $9,000/month wasn't working. What could he do for $2,000/month. So my friend did three things.

  1. He reduced the scope of his services
  2. He got Hubspot to reduce the month subscription cost so that the two combined would be $2,000/month.
  3. He scheduled a call between Jerome, Carole and myself for last Monday.

The call didn't happen because Jerome got busy doing something else.

How can I tell my friend that it's over and it's only a matter of time before he loses the last $2,000/month?

  • His client doesn't see value in my friend's services.
  • His client doesn't value my friend's advice.
  • His client doesn't value my friend's time.
  • His client doesn't believe that my friend understands the real problem.

This article is the way I'm telling him.

If you are a marketing agency owner, I have three pieces of advice.

  1. Make sure that your prospects can convert (sell) inbound leads before you start working with them.
  2. If you can't or don't want to, have them get 'sales certified' by Hubspot
  3. If they don't pass or don't want to, get them to have a conversation with us or download our Road Map.
  4. If they won't do either, decide whether you want to get fired the hard way, like my friend or you want to pass.

I realize that you might be thinking that my friend has $100,000 that he didn't have before, but my friend is a professional and realizes that he didn't help his client and it bugs him. He also has killed any potential good will or referrals that he might ever get from that client. The world is not a better place.

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