How to get a website visitor to call you

If you read my last article, you may have gotten the idea that I think that Drift is cool and helps reps engage with website visitors and nurture them through the buying process. Today, I'm sharing another real exchange that you will love.

Visitor 12:17 PM
is there someone I can speak with today?
is there someone I can speak with today?
Chris 12:18 PM

Sure, what do you want to talk about?

Visitor 12:19 PM
Cost for package 3
And, cost for package 2.
Chris 12:20 PM

Ok. Can you give me a bit more information about the project you are looking to do?

Visitor 12:20 PM
such as?
Chris 12:21 PM

What kind of business are you? Are you on HubSpot? Are there any special needs you have for the project besides a template? Things like that

Also, what's your name? To put a name to the chat so to speak.

Visitor 12:22 PM
Name is Ted.
the answers to the questions are why I wanted to speak.
We have multiple businesses.
all marketing
we also use Hubspot.
Chris 12:23 PM

Ok I am going to bring in one of my team members, Joe, to come into this chat. He is going to be the best person who can help you out.

Joe Jerome 12:23 PM

I'm the best person? :-)

Hi Ted, I'm Joe

Ted 12:23 PM
Hi Joe!
Joe Jerome 12:24 PM

Ted, it looks like from the chat with Chris you have a lot going on.

Multiple marketing businesses, all marketing, and all on HubSpot?

Ted, in case I lose you can you provide an email address so I can follow up?

Ted@domain1 12:26 PM
Direct Mail is the foundation. We are developing multiple vertical brands.
Just getting starting with Hubspot.
Joe Jerome 12:26 PM

Ok, cool. I'm a direct mail guy too. From way back... It still works!

Ted 12:27 PM
is does!
Joe Jerome 12:27 PM

So I went to the website in your email address...

But you have multiple vertical brands. Are any developed yet? Are you on HubSpot Enterprise?

domain1 12:29 PM
domain2 as well
Joe Jerome 12:31 PM

You're looking at the three packages we have. And I'm wondering if I have enough perspective on what you're trying to do, to be helpful. Should we talk? Would that be easier?

Ted 12:31 PM
I looked at enterprise closely, but not sure if we're going to use separate instances of hubspot of enterprise. We don't really comingle the businesses.
Joe Jerome 12:32 PM

Yep that is a challenge since it all goes into one property on the back end. There are ways of handling that though. But of course not easy.

So from looking at your sites right now, it looks like not only HubSpot is new, but the website properties themselves have not been a huge focus. Is that right?

Ted 12:34 PM
you're being kind
lucky for us, our website doesn't represent the success we have with our mail services. :)
Joe Jerome 12:35 PM

yup. you are not alone. It's a good thing though. You can get leveled up a lot easier

Smart to look at the templates plus considering your scenario too.

Do you're fingers hurt yet? I can talk now for 5-10 minutes if it's easier.

Ted 12:37 PM
yes, let me know loop in my developer and call you. Do you have a number?
Joe Jerome 12:39 PM

(302) 428-9881

Ted 12:40 PM
thank u in 3 min

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