How to Overcome Inertia in Sales Growth

Busy, full schedule, no time, but need more customers. Sound familiar?

Almost everybody that I know would like more business. Here's the answer.


Now, first, I suggest that you ignore the Rotational Motion columns. Haven't you had enough going in circles?

So, to start, let's understand the term mass (m). For this discussion, mass is blobbiness. It's not really the weight, although it might be related, but if you think of your business as a blob (I know. Not sexy. Gimme a minute.), your business is going along ($5K/mo, $50K/mo, $500K/mo). That's v. This is where it gets weird.

Let's pretend that you want your business to sell more. Your new sales will equal your starting point v0 plus the how fast you can accelerate (a) times the length of time that you are accelerating (t). So, your new level of sales v=v0 + at. See? Easy peasy!

Here's the problem. F=ma.

Isn't that a killer?

So, what can you do? First, understand in order to change how much you're selling, you need to accelerate your sales and in order to accelerate your sales, you need to apply an outside force (F). However, notice that the bigger your business (m), the bigger the force is that you have to apply (because it takes a lot to move a big blob) and the more you want to grow v vs v0, the longer you have to apply the force.

m. mass, inertia is bad shit and wicked hard to overcome. You need a freakin irresistible force.

Three options....

Geeks - Schedule a call with me. I'll take your credit card number. Charge you a gazillion dollars and be the irresistible force that will move your blob and make you rich.

Clueless - Schedule a call with me. I'll explain it in layman's terms and we'll decide what to do next.

Undecided? Decide. Then schedule a call with me.

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