I am a Salesman and you Will Buy!

Is that what your sign says?

What does your prospect think when they land on your LinkedIn profile?

Do they think you're an expert at what you're trying to sell? Do they think that you're a thought leader in your space? Do they see your sign that says, "I am a Salesman and you Will Buy!"

How about when they receive your email? (Same three choices.)

How about when they hear your voice on the phone? (Same three choices.)

How about when they watch you work? Do they watch you send a gazillion emails every day with a 'look at how wonderful I am' message? Do they watch you dial the phone and try to talk to 100 people that don't know who the heck you are? Do they see someone that's trying to force their message on somebody before the email gets deleted or the phone gets hung up?

Wouldn't it be easier if they noticed you?

Wouldn't it be more efficient if they were predisposed to liking and listening to you before you and they 'met'?

Wouldn't it be easier if they sent you an email that said, "I saw (something about you) and was intrigued by (something about you). Can we schedule a conversation?"

Wouldn't it be better if your sign didn't keep all that from happening?

Two suggestions:

  1. Read this article that Pete Caputa wrote last year.
  2. Register for this webinar to listen to an interview to address these questions.

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