I apologize for the way this will make you feel.

but that won't stop me from writing it.

I was talking with a friend today who sounded a bit bummed out. I asked him "why?" and he said that he had 10 clients and want-to-be clients confirmed for a special 8 AM meeting today. 4 of them showed up, but one cancelled by email at 6 AM claiming to have a meeting with the state. Two didn't show. We assume because they own a 60 truck snow plowing operation. One cancelled because his production manager called in sick. One really wasn't expected because they were in SC but somehow they were still on the list and one hasn't made an excuse yet.

So, because I'm not the brightest bulb, I ask, "What do you think is going on?" My friend replies, "I wonder if there's something in my 'sales' process?"

Hello! Are you listening to yourself?

When anybody doesn't do what they agreed, it's typically one of two things.

  1. They lied when they agreed and never had any intention to do as 'agreed'.
  2. They weren't 100% committed and if something better, more important, easier comes along, they'll do that instead.

When it's a 'commitment' thing, my checklist is something like....

  • Did they pay to attend? How often do you buy tickets and not use them?
  • Did they pay enough? Aren't you less likely to skip a $1,000 event that you paid for than a $10 event?
  • Did you review their compelling reasons to attend and re-handle any objections that may have surfaced along the way?
  • Did you ask if there was someone that could cover the office, handle any last minute issues or fires that popped up?

Here's the point. I'd much rather expect 4 and have the 4 expect 4 and have 4 show up, than expect 10 and have to explain why the other 6 didn't see value. Wouldn't you?

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