I got fired today and I'm pissed!

You might be aware that we built our retirement home and moved in 16 months ago. Since then, we've been making sporadic trips back to empty the house so that it could be sold. I have 'go to people'. My 'go to' real estate guy is Tom. I contacted Tom in Feb/March and said, "Let's figure on Easter." Forget the why. Easter became Memorial Day, the 4th, and here we are August 25th. I called Tom today and asked if I had missed our window. He told me that he was going to Ireland in September and had more travel planned for October that I should look for somebody younger and hungrier. He did not think that he could do what I needed.

God, I hate being fired, but I'd have fired me too.

BTW, the house abuts a golf course, is a mile from the high school, 5 miles from a ski area and the dozen+ colleges in Worcester are 10 minutes away. You can see a picture here.

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