I hate webinars about coaching sales!

Why? Because they inevitably turn into a sales pitch on why you should hire the presenter. In case you don't know, Elaine and I moved recently into our new house at Goose Rocks Beach. The short story is that we bought this house in 1991 and started using it on Fathers Day that year.


On Fathers Day this year, we moved into the house that we built on the very same spot. This is the Roberge clan on the first 4th of July in the new house.


So, you can imagine that I've been busy. So, Carole Mahoney the idea in her head that we should do a webinar titled, "Do you need a sales coach? Why? How?". So, she asks me what I think and I tell her I don't want to. She ignores me and starts listing reasons why we should. Who has the energy to fight? Elaine and I are moving and getting ready for a houseful.

So, we're doing the webinar Thursday, July 14th at 1 PM. Register here.

If you read the registration page, she's already started. How do you know you need it? Symptoms? How to find one? Yada, Yada. Yada. I can tell you that on any given day, 94% of you are not coachable. You'll waste our time and waste an exorbitant amount of your money. For every reason that Carole can give you to hire us or any coach, I can give two reasons to walk away. You think you're better than you are. You make the Presidents Club every year. Your beach house is bigger than mine. Your father was a salesman and it's in your blood. You just need help closing (or prospecting, or with the approach). You want to be a millionaire.

Here's what you don't know that you don't know.

You don't know that you don't know where the switch is in your head, that was put there by a person in authority and when the switch is flipped, you can't sell. Moreover, disabling that switch is impossible in some and incredibly painful in most.

The only reason to find and hire a coach is to have them help you find and disable that switch.

So, if you can wrap your head around that, register for Do you need a sales coach?

Two quick things. I won't guarantee that you will or will not want to hire a coach, but you will smile.

Second, if you've got a killer reason not to hire a sales coach, send it to me and I'll use it against Carole.

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