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Carole asked a VP Sales what they thought of Inbound last year. These are their own unedited words.

Inbound was …refreshing.

It was extremely nourishing to learn from something HUMAN outside of my office’s four walls/books/podcast.  I had brought the opportunity to the CEO prior – to try and find room in the budget for myself and another employee to go however it wasn’t an option at that time. I decided to go on my own, which I think made the experience even more satisfying. I looked back into my journal from the conference- I had attended the 6 gateways at 3:45 so I didn’t make it to your seminar but I will be sure to download and watch!

I took a lot away from the conference. 1 – I didn’t feel as alone in my shoes. 2- I felt validated in a lot of the ideas and systems I have tried to replicate here. 3- I learned a lot about parts of the sales funnel we are missing out on.

I would love to say I was able to come home and implement a lot of my take aways however I have found myself so bogged down that I haven’t begun to scratched the surface of a change. This weighs my spirit down greatly.. because I know my attendance and knowledge is useless without application.   

So, we're gonna help with the application.

As you know, I'm not a mind numbed robot that lives on orange Kool-Aid, but when Hubspot does good, it's only fair to let them know.

Feel free to share this article with your friends and if you want to know why this VP is talking to us, check this out. The Science of Helping Good Salespeople to be Great

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