Inbound Salesperson Wanted!

At any given time, I know of several companies, consultancies or agencies that are looking to grow sales. Some of them want us to 'fix' their existing salespeople. Others want us to replace them. Here's what we look for. (BTW, if you don't care, please forward this to a salesperson that might.)

In no particular order...

Are you 'other centered'?

Have you made cold calls, but stopped?

Do you have a 'consultative' style?

Are your social profiles accurate and optimized?

Are you active on social media?

Do you actively engage on line?

Have you earned six figures (USD) more than one year in your career?

Do you have a network?

Do you have 'followers'?

Have you written and published?

Do you write and publish regularly?

Do you give referrals to clients and/or people in your network?

Do you receive referrals from clients and/or people in your network?

Do you follow a sales process or system?

Have you received third party sales training or coaching?

Are you currently employed?

Are you transparent?

Do your clients trust you?

Do your clients respect you?

Is your average employment more than 3 years?

Do you like working remotely?

Can you work remotely?

Do you have an 'impending event'?

Do you behave the way you expect others to behave?

Are you entrepreneurial?

Are you nerdy or do you have a technical background or degree?

Do you read every day?

Do you work out every day?

Have you managed people?

Do you sell to the end user or through a channel partner?

Did you make more or less than 12 sales last year?

Do you have a smart phone?

Do you use your smart phone to read or send email?

Do you use your smart phone to access your calendar?

Do you use your smart phone to search?

Have you ever not exceeded your sales quota?

Have you ever told your spouse, "No. We can't afford it?"

As I was making this list, I remembered that this article was in my inbox. Enjoy.

This is not a comprehensive list. Nor is any one question a 'deal breaker'. Just questions to ponder that might be holding you back as we get deeper into the 21st Century.

If you have other questions that you think are important, leave a comment and if you know somebody that's looking for a sales job, have them send me their LinkedIn url.

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