Is 4Q15 already over?

Summer is over. Labor Day has passed. School has started. Fall is here and along comes 4Q15, but with 4Q15, come Columbus Day, Halloween, youth soccer, parents' nights, the end of DST, Thanksgiving, Christmas shopping, Chistmas and New Years holidays and vacation, goal setting and planning for 2016, and how many other distractions that might keep you from making 4Q15 the best sales quarter of your life, putting the icing on 2015 and setting up an awesome 2016.

Sound familiar? Been there. Done that. Read the book. Saw the movie. Got the T-shirt. Deja vu all over again.

How many new customers do you need to close by year end?

How long is your sales cycle?

How many hot closable opportunities are ready to close?

How many prospects have slipped through the cracks that could close by year end?

Is there someone on LinkedIn that's looking for you?

How many people read your blog, follow you on Twitter, are friends with you on Facebook, are connected to you on LinkedIn, or have downloaded some of your content and how many of them know somebody that needs you NOW?

How many prospects are thinking about it? reviewing your proposal? shopping around? meeting with the committee or board? or not returning your calls or emails?

Which of these people would you like to meet tomorrow?

  • An ideal prospect that is just beginning their search for a solution?
  • An ideal prospect that's completed 70% of their shopping/buying process, has a few more questions and is ready to buy?

(Honestly, my answer is both. One for 2016. One for tomorrow, but if I have to pick, I'll take tomorrow.)

Have you ever read this old post (notice the date)? Success Secret #3.

Where should you start? When? How about right here, right now?

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