Is she OK?

Sometimes it's an easy fix.

Last Wednesday, Bob scheduled his first call with me and Carole for Thursday. We spoke on Thursday at 1 and he started our Trial on Friday. He scheduled a 1:1 coaching call for Monday at 2:30. We talked about three opportunities on that call.

One scenario was a prospect that Bob had 3 conversations with. Then, his contact needed to attend some training classes, but wanted to get back with Bob as soon as she finished the training. Bob thought this was a hot prospect. When the training was over, Bob followed up. No reply. He sent several emails and left many voice mails. I asked Bob if she had opened the emails. She had opened the first, but none of the rest.

His question was, "How can he get her back?"

We offered a few suggestions, but the one that Bob picked was to call the receptionist and ask if his contact was OK. He should briefly explain that his contact had wanted to speak to him, but he had left a couple of messages that didn't get returned and Bob was wondering if his contact had been out sick or something.

Carole and I got this email from Bob at 6:03 Monday (the first day of Bob's trial).

Sales sherpas,

I followed the advice you gave me on our call earlier today and to my surprise, I received a phone call at 5:30 from her boss. Turns out, she's not ignoring me, she's been out on medical leave for a month.  Her boss told me that they are still interested in working with us and will be back in touch with in three weeks and even gave me his direct phone number.

Thank you too for resurrecting this sales opportunity. It means a lot.

Today is Day 2 of his trial.

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