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Last week, Jesse Gonzales wrote 

Can salespeople get lucky on purpose?

Yesterday afternoon, I had a coaching call scheduled with a client. My client told me that he was at about 50% of his quota and less than 40% of his personal goal. (Salespeople will always work harder for their goal than your goal.) I shared a strategy to find 2 sales before close of business so that he could meet his goal. I got him focused on getting lucky. I sent him this blog post, but told him the first story and suggested that he focus on the fact that there is somebody out there waiting for you to show up so they can buy.

Our client sent this email at 7:07 AM this morning.

Hi Rick and Carole!

So to update you both. During yesterday's call with Rick, I was at about 50% of my quota for the month-- at 2pm. Then a former customer that had chosen to not renew their license about 40 days ago booked time on my calendar because they realized they couldn't do all the things they could do with HubSpot on their own. They had been speaking with a renewal manager at HubSpot during the past week, but the window for "renewal" had closed so it came to me. 
They purchased a 2 year agreement worth 45K per year [$3750 commission], and I ended up at over 150% of my number by 10pm. My best month yet!
Someone is always ready to buy, Rick!
So during today's call, I want to talk about strategies around nurturing/disqualifying people who aren't ready to buy yet, but could still fill my pipeline and nurturing all the opps that weren't a priority for me yesterday. That way I can spend more time with people who are ready to buy. 
Gonna be a great August!
Sometimes, sales people are focused so intently on missing their quota that they miss their quota. Maybe if they focused on letting a buyer find them, they might get different results?
Sick of the roller coaster? Wanna get lucky?
  1. Call me.
  2. Get evaluated.
  3. Talk to me about the deals in your funnel or pipeline for a few months.

If you're a sales manager or VP sales and your team needs to get lucky, share this article with them and start here.

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