My Columbus Day Rant

Do you find it annoying when...

a blog title promises, "How to Craft a Sales One-Liner That Stops Buyers in Their Tracks"?

One liners? What are you, a comedian? Buyers don't want shock and awe. They want transparency and a helpful conversation.

Do you find it annoying when...

a blog title promises, "How to Book More Sales Meetings Using a Simple Psychology Trick"?

Isn't it time to stop "tricking" people into meeting with you? Why not let them decide whether you're worth listening to?

Do you find it annoying when...

a marketing person writes "There's a really big difference between passing off leads to your sales team, and passing off qualified leads to your sales team."

Seriously? Have you ever actually had a conversation with a prospect? Have you ever had them not have budget, but find it when they realize that you can actually get them where they want to be? The lead isn't the decision maker? Have you ever read this post or any of the 21 comments from people that have actually sold something in their career?

Aren't you sick and tired of people telling you how to sell when


Have you been keeping up with what my associates are writing?

What is your Sales-ism?

So, what do you do?

What does prospecting look like for today's salesperson?

How To Keep Sales Human While Using Marketing Automation

Personalisation in marketing - A tricky path to tread

Isn't it better when the author knows WTF they're talking about?

Elaine is working on Columbus Day and I have a light day. So, if you want to talk to me about my associates, Unbound Growth or why I am the way I am, call me or schedule a call and I'll call you.

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