Could You Be the Next Sales Rock Star?

The biggest MRR month in the history of the company....

The biggest sale in the company....

BDR of the Year....

Most Over Quota for the Year....

Closed the sale against three competitors when we had the highest price and our normal margin....

These are the things that I love hearing from my sales rock stars.

During a coaching call yesterday, my client asked, "How do you know when you're there?" He recognizes how much he's grown over the past 10 weeks, but was acknowledging that he although he did feel better, he didn't feel perfect. This is normal at this point in his development. If you talk with any of the rock stars that I've worked with, they'll tell you that the first 6-8 weeks of our engagement can be difficult and frustrating, but in the 8-10 week time frame they realized that the growth happened. They not only see where it happened, but they also can see specifically where they still need to grow.

I love that too!

When I was a kid, My dad told me that if he could get 5 clients like Henry Carini, he'd have a great business. I wish I new then, what I know now. He had the persona. He just didn't know what a persona was or how to use it. He knew how to sell. He just didn't know how to not sell. He was an awesome craftsman and a hard working salesman. I never had the opportunity.

Do your expectations support or quash your dreams? Do you think that it's possible for YOU to earn $100,000 in a month? I'm not asking if you can, or if it's likely, or even if it's probable. Is it possible?

True story... I was coaching a client that wanted to earn $200,000 in a year we calculated that based on his average sale and his average commission, he would need 120 sales. Ding! He gets many holidays, lots of vacation and personal time off. So, his plan was to work 40 weeks and get 3 sales/week = 120 sales for the year = $200K. Follow? Here's the rock star twist. I suggested that if you close 3 sales in a day, it's impossible not to close 3 sales that week. He's had several "3 ding days" since. 

Pricing & Process for RainMaker & Sales Rock Star Coaching

Now, what happens if he decided that he was going to have a month full of "3 ding days"? 3 dings/day times 20 days/month = 60 sales in a month and that means he earns $100,000 in a month. Has he done it? No. Does he think it's possible?

The difference between sales rock stars and ordinary salespeople is that they've put aside their self limiting beliefs, figured out what they want out of life and are doing what it takes to get it.

If you're not a regular reader, this article was probably forwarded to you by someone that has worked with me and believes that you could be the next Sales Rock Star. What do you think? Click the raindrops.

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