Not #1 ... The "ONLY" Thing

So, as usual, something happened today that caused me to write this short article.

What is the ONE THING on a sales call, that if it happens,

  • EVERY wall will be taken down?
  • EVERY objection and obstacle will disappear?
  • Your prospect will try to SELL you on letting them buy?

Let me share a real life story.

Elaine and I have two grandchildren that live in Montana. We love them. We want to see them, but Beau started school the first week of January and we were scheduled to fly out on 1/6. We contemplated not going because everybody knows that schools are a great place for kids to pick up germs and bring them home. We went anyway and home tested for Covid on 1/9. Beau and I were positive. The next day, Beau and half of his class didn't go to school. Three days later, I had mild symptoms. Three days after that, my symptoms were gone and Elaine's started. We're back and our symptoms are gone.

Today, a local restaurant advertised the specials for February and they are special! We clicked to make reservations and this popped up.

Screenshot 2022-01-26 7.58.08 AM

This is a really good restaurant and really good specials and without reservations, should have a long line, out the door and around the block. Lots of strangers without masks.

So, Elaine and I are thinking about our symptoms in Montana and whether or not we should have gone and do we want the specials badly enough to get in line with strangers who aren't wearing masks?

How does this story relate to "The "ONLY" Thing?

Who was/is the ultimate decision-maker and the influencer in the story?

What were the compelling reasons to do/not do for the decision-maker as well as the influencer?

How often does this happen on your sales calls? You're not talking to the decision-maker. You don't know why the decision-maker would buy. The influencer is telling you what they want, but they can't buy.

Do you know the questions to ask the influencer that will get you in front of the decision-maker?

Do you know the questions to ask the decision-maker, to uncover their compelling reasons to buy?

Do you know the questions to ask the decision-maker, to determine the consequences of doing nothing?

Do you know the questions to ask the decision-maker, to help them figure the cost of the consequences of doing nothing?

Do you know how to use the cost of consequences of doing nothing to determine the ROI and create urgency?

Can you see that The "ONLY" Thing is not the "#1 thing". It's The "ONLY" Thing that will cause the ultimate decision-maker to make solving this issue by buying your solution their #1 priority?

So, let me re-ask...

  • Will you get to the decision-maker?
  • Will you ask the right questions?
  • Will they answer your questions?

.... every time?

This is how I help.

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