Overcome the Hardest Part of Sales

Rick Kranz shared an idea and asked me if I wanted to collaborate.

"I'm about to write a blog on: The Hardest Part of The Sales Job and How To Make it Easier with Inbound Marketing. I am approaching it from the viewpoint that inbound marketing processes and tools allow salespeople a glimpse of where the prospect is in the buyers journey before they even connect."

I've already written some stuff about Sales and Inbound. You may remember...

What to say after "Hello"

Red Light – Green Light and Baby Steps

Why Use HubSpot Signals For Sales

or my articles on LinkedIn among others.

So, as I contemplated Rick's idea, I found myself asking, "What IS the hardest part of sales?"

Do you struggle with the initial approach? developing rapport or trusted advisor status? qualifying? closing?

What part of your process could use some 'facilitating' or 'smoothing out'?

BTW, if you don't know or you're not sure, you are not alone. Ask yourself these questions.


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