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Do you have people skills? Are they important? How do you know? I had a conversation yesterday with a guy that I wrote about in 2007. If you read the article (392 words) you learned that he was a strong salesman, that we were at a chamber of commerce networking event and that he shared a lesson about holding firm on price. I'm not gonna write about that.

Yesterday, we talked about his 2015.

  • He was diagnosed with cancer and had surgery.
  • His wife filed for divorce after 30 years.
  • He got fired because the new COO wanted to 'go in a different direction'.

Yesterday, he told me

  • His surgery worked and he's been cancer free for a year.
  • His divorce is final and he's moved on.
  • He's interviewing for a job.

Why did he call me yesterday?

He knows and has 'interviewed with' the CEO of the company that he's interviewing to work for. He's experienced in the industry and well known in the market, but...

  • even though the CEO knows him, he had to complete the OMG Sales Assessment.
  • even though he has industry experience, he's gonna be interviewed by an OMG sales consultant.
  • even though he's a hot shot sales guy, after the year he's had, he's wondering what the assessment shows.

So, he and I talked

  • about his people skills and his sales skills
  • about Sales DNA
  • about his lack of an on-line reputation.

I wish I could tell you that this is the first time that I'd heard this kind of story and I'm sure that it's not gonna be the last. Hot shot, going along, blowing the doors off quota, making a living, living the life....




Confidence gone

Mojo gone

Been there. Done that. Got the T-shirt

What do you do?

Use a lifeline. Call a friend. Stop doing what you've been doing. Find a change agent.

Read the book Passages and realize that you are not alone.

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