Pete Caputa + Rick Roberge Squared to the nth

Joe Jerome's gonna love that title!

On Monday, I received this email from Pete Caputa.


Yesterday, I wrote this article and linked to his article as he requested. I did as requested because

  1. I like Pete.
  2. He's a smart guy.
  3. A lot of people should read his article. (Be sure to go read it when you're finished with this one.)


This article is not about active listening. It's about growing your business fast. Not doubling or tripling, but to the nth degree.

I made a list of 100 sales questions in January 2014. Look at this screenshot of my Hubspot portal.

Questions_Contacts_Screenshot.jpg5,416 people saw the page. 1,842 people filled out the form to get the questions and 1,627 of them were people that I didn't know. (New prospects?)

Now look at this screen shot.


Look at the data under the graph. Almost half visited the site directly. That means that somebody shared the link to the page.directly with them. (They might like me, think I'm smart or think people should see the list.)

Now look at this screen shot.


This is the data behind the referrals number in the last screen shot. 1,487 people were referred to my page when somebody else shared the link to the page in an article they wrote or someplace else on their website or blog. Think about these two screen shots. Almost 3/4 of the people that saw that page were sent by somebody that likes me, thinks I'm smart or thinks the list of questions is worth seeing. Some, I asked like Pete asked me. Some did it because they thought it was the right thing to do.

So, here's five things that you might want to do.

  1. Learn how to get on line referrals.
  2. Get the list of questions.
  3. Check out Hubspot for yourself.
  4. Talk to me.
  5. Read Pete's post on Active Listening

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