Play To Win - It’s Not What You Might Think. At Least In My Opinion.


This is a guest post by Trent Smith. Trent is the founder of Jango Studios in South Carolina and spends most of his workday helping attorneys grow their practices. 

So, today it seems everyone wants to win. You know, we hate to lose. Whether it’s that job, a contract or significant other, the bottom line is we hate to lose. But if we stop to think for a moment and define what winning really is; it goes beyond one upmanship or the loss of that new job or significant other. It taps into the core of who we really are. It’s what defines us as a person. In order to truly win, one must go beyond ego.  At the core of winning there are three things:

1.) We must accept ourselves as who we are

2.) We must develop the ability to accept things as they are.

3.) We must not compromise.

These three things might seem simple; however, they deeply define us. If you cannot accept yourself as who you are, then it’s very difficult, perhaps impossible to accept things as they are and if you cannot accept things as they are, then you will compromise.

But who defines winning?

If you listen carefully, there’s a lot of static in the air. Everyone’s telling you what you can and can’t do. You have these voices in your head. The impossible in your mind. Why? Because your reality is shaped by your experiences and defined by society. These self limiting beliefs shape your future.

What about losing?

Get over it. Everyone loses. To be human is to lose. If you’ve never lost then there’s a problem. Either you’re not human or you’ve never let go. Set your expectations for the unexpected.

Unfortunately, so many of us get caught up into the expectations defined by society that we literally lose our own identity, which is paramount to long term success and happiness. Put another way, losing your identity is the antithesis of happiness.

Stop and think for a moment. Remove money from all thoughts, remove self serving ego from all thoughts, most importantly remove fear and ask yourself who or what would I be today? What do I truly desire? What would I devote my time to? It’s not as easy as one might think. Why? Because we’ve become conditioned to believe that success is defined by: preconceived id of right and wrong, material things, who we associate ourselves with, and unsuspectingly, yet most influential, what others think of us.

How does this affect your outcome? Go in with preconceived ideas, you’ll come out with sub-par results.

From Rick: Trent actually wrote most of this article quite a while ago, but never published it. When he shared it with me, my initial reaction was almost unnerving. I thought about not sharing it, but frankly, I don't know why. I hope that it makes you think.

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