Politicians and Salespeople

I'm so far down this rabbit hole that I can't see daylight! I have so many questions.

We begin...

Let's face it. These are different times. Let me start with

  • I am not a historian.
  • I am not a political activist.
  • Nor someone that believes that I have all the answers.
  • I found the results in Iowa interesting when I compared them to predictions.

I started thinking about the real world (outside of politics) and the impact of women, non-whites and younger people. I Googled the ages of the presidential candidates. (I can guess at their gender and ethnicity.) I compared that to an actual list of the presidents.

I realized that I am older than almost half of our presidents were when they died and only two of them were older than me when they were inaugurated.

So, now I wonder if age should be considered a plus or a minus or at all?

Screenshot 2020-02-07 at 4.16.22 PM

Six of the candidates are older that I.

  • One, I would vote for.
  • Three, I would not vote for.
  • Two, I'd hold my nose and vote for if there were no other choices.

Seven of the candidates are younger than I.

  • Three I would vote for.
  • Four I would not.

I hope somebody runs that I would vote for.

So, how does this relate to sales?

This is question. When you are qualifying a prospect, do you uncover WHY they will buy?

  • Is it about the solution? Does it solve their problem perfectly?
  • Is it about your company? Voters might vote the party line. Does your prospect prefer your company or their brother-in-law's company? Do they want the old standby or do they prefer a scrappy new startup?
  • Is it about you? Male/Female? Old/Young? Politically correct or brash?

You think it doesn't matter? Who are you gonna vote for and more importantly, who will your prospect vote for when they want to solve their problem?

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