Potential What?

I promise. This won't be morbid. Every life has a timeline. We're born at some point and we'll die at some point and in between is what we call life. There's a commercial on television that starts with a well groomed guy in a suit sitting down to a conference table in a well-lit office. A lady hands him a piece of paper and when he opens the paper it reads, "Your heart attack is scheduled for tomorrow."

I promised. No morbidity. It's not about dying. It's about living.

Next piece of setup. When we're born, we have fingers, toes, etc. We're a clean slate. Haven't done anything yet except maybe poop or pee. We are all potential. As we learn and grow, we do stuff.

So, here's my questions.
  • Wherever you are on Life's Timeline, are you mostly potential or mostly accomplishments?
  • If you're mostly accomplishments, are you pretty much out of potential?
  • If you're mostly potential, what do you need to start accomplishing?


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