Proof that your sales quota is meaningless

Remember, as you read this, that I'm not making this up. I'm just reporting the facts.

Yesterday a sales manager asked me if I would look at his plan. His group quota for the month is $30,000 and he wanted to share the plan that he was going to sell to the members of his team to attain it. He has 11 salespeople. Each has a quota of $4,000 and he wanted to get every member of his team to agree to get 6 new customers at $500 each so that his team quota would be met.


Wait. Let me check that math. He wants every member to agree to sell 6 x $500 = $3,000 when every one of them has a $4,000 quota? He wants every member to agree to miss their quota?


Why have a quota in the first place?

If you do have a quota, why not help your reps attain quota? If they all hit quota, ($11 x $4,000 = $44,000) wouldn't you also hit your $30,000 group quota? Why motivate and coach to mediocrity?

BTW, why is it that some reps consistently double and triple their quota. Is it because they want something more?

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