Prospect Tricks That Work!

Salespeople sometimes get put off by prospects without even knowing it.

2015-08-05_15.39.29I have Automatic Call Rejection on my cell phone. If your number is on it, my phone doesn't even ring. Now, pretend that you're trying to sell me something. You'll never get me on the phone. I have one number that's been automatically rejected 26 times in the past 5 days!

How often do you mark email as spam? Do you ever look in your spam folder? How hard is it for your prospect to automatically send your email to their spam folder or even automatically delete your precious messages?

Have you ever found someone on LinkedIn or Twitter, but not been able to find them again after one communication? Maybe your profile got blocked? We're taught not to be confrontational. Don't tell people that they have bad breath or they're too pushy. Some people won't even tell you that they don't like your offering. They'd rather avoid you. Hide from you. Block you.

And you don't even know it!

Can you/do you believe everything you see or hear?

Are you sure? Watch this!

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