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LinkedIn-Ebook-cover1On Friday, I noticed that somebody had started following me on LinkedIn.

So, I sent my normal "Noticed that you started following me on LinkedIn?" InMail.

He replied and ended with "I’m eager to learn as much as I can about sales".

I shared some resources and ended with "All that being said, remember the #1 rule.... "If you're not having fun, you're doing it wrong." So, enjoy."

To which he replied, "Would like to understand how to have more fun selling."

Good question?

First, why should selling be fun?

Have you ever dealt with someone that obviously doesn't like their job? Or doesn't want to be working that day? When you're the customer, do you enjoy dealing with a salesperson with low energy, no interest, or worse? They are clearly not having fun and they really don't care what kind of an experience you're having.

In addition to customer experience, when people enjoy what they do they often want to do it more often, longer and better. They try to improve. Look at your local 'Best places to work' list and see how many of those companies have happy customers.

There are probably other reasons, but the question that we started with is "How to have more fun selling."

How to have more fun selling.

As you may have heard, I start new clients with the OMG Sales Evaluation to evaluate 21 Sales Core Competencies. It addresses desires, motivations, commitment levels, self-limiting beliefs, skills, strengths and weaknesses that help or obstruct my client's sales success. This evaluation specifically ID's the reasons that salespeople struggle and how they can have more fun in the process.

These are a few of the ways that a salesperson can have more fun selling.

  • Stop talking to people that don't want to talk to you.
  • Stop trying to get them to comply with your timeline.
  • Stop talking about stuff that they don't want to talk about.
  • Stop using I, me, we.
  • Stop selling ideas and stuff that you don't think makes the world better.
  • Stop being a different person with your prospects than you are with your friends.

That's a few. If you're doing them all, why aren't you having fun?

Ask yourself this question. Would you talk about your stuff for free? Would you mention your stuff if you didn't benefit? Having fun is a state of mind that some can only experience naturally when they're not working. Not only is that bad professionally, but if it goes on long enough, they start bringing the bad mood home and that ruins families and friendships.

I offered up some free coaching sessions on LinkedIn this week. You can grab one here if you want to talk about how you personally can have more fun.

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