Reaching Decision Makers Competency

This is a short article that will make it's point quickly.

There are actually 8 components to this competency, but I'm only going to address 2.

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Most people ask, "What's the difference?"

The OMG Sales Assessment asks questions like:

  • What do you do when ______?
  • How do you normally handle ______?
  • When your prospect says/does______, how do you react?

They will give us insight into what they normally do on a sales call.

The OMG Sales Assessment also asks about opportunities in the rep's pipeline that are likely to close in the near term. It asks about pain, budget, timeline, etc. including is the decision maker involved. It's not unusual that ALL of the deals close to closing have the decision maker involved, but the insights find that the rep doesn't routinely get the decision maker involved. As a matter of fact, sometimes the rep doesn't believe that doing so is NECESSARY! If the DM is involved in ALL of the closeable deals in your pipeline, why would you not want to have the DM involved in EVERY deal that enters your pipeline?

This is the second of 10 articles on Selling Competencies. The first one was Consultative Selling.

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